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1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1.0.19

1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1-Click Answers for Mac OS X 1.0.19

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1-Click Answers for Mac OS X Editor's Review

1-Click Answers is a free application that can give you answers to your questions by interrogating the website.

It uses Safari's rendering engine and it has a browser-like interface. When you want to find something quickly all you have to do is launch the application and send your query to the servers.

Depending on your Internet connection the application is returning the answer to your question quite fast. It's interface is very user friendly and it is easy to use it because it's browser look.

The settings area is very small. Basically all you can choose is the hot-key for the selected text and how many returned answers should it remember.

The other settings that you can change are directly on it's interface. They are working with the servers since you need the cookies enabled in order to store these settings. You can pick if the application should return answers as-you-type or the supported languages. The list of the supported languages is returned by the server.

Pluses: the application is free, it has an intuitive browser like interface, the rendering speed of the pages is quite good.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: if you are an current user, then you may like this small application. If you aren't, then you might get the taste of using this kind of application.

version reviewed: 1.0

1-Click Answers for Mac OS X Publisher's Description is a revolutionary Answer Engine: a one-click reference library on demand. With 1-Click Answers software, just click on any word (Command+Option+G) in any application (e-mail, browser, Office, and so on), and get a quick definition or explanation--instant answers from encyclopedias, biographies, celebrities, companies, news, sports, weather,...

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